Top 7 Best Android emulators Free For Windows PC

An Android emulator will be useful if you are looking to run applications running Android on your Windows PC. Several reasons that will be announced in the first section may be the reason for looking for Android emulators for your PC having Windows as the operating system.

A short section on Android that is the mobile OS installed on the majority of smartphones and tablets currently used in the world followed by the iOS. The famous Google OS which is currently at version 8 works on several types of devices (Watch, TV, Computers, Tablets, etc.). It is among the best embedded operating systems used in the world. Let’s finish with this small dose of culture and see the 7 best Android emulators for Windows PC but before we see the benefits of using them.

Benefits of Android emulators

As said before, an Android emulator allows you to have an Android environment on your PC running Windows. Like iOS emulators that make you feel like you’re using an iOS device, Android emulators let you have a virtual Android device on your PC.

More specifically, these emulators, which are still called Android simulators, allow you to:

  • Play video games running Android
  • Offer a test tool for your APK if you are an Android application developer
  • Use apps only available for Android and offering better features on your PC (such as TubeMate for downloading YouTube videos on Computer)
  • Other reasons that you are the only one to know
  • I would not give the difference between an Android emulator and an Android simulator because the difference is the same as in the article that dealt with iOS emulators.

List of the best Android emulators

1. Remix OS Player

There is a computer operating system called “Remix OS” which is an operating system based on the Android x86 Project.

An Android emulator of the same name (Remix OS Player) based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow version exists and can be easily installed on Windows. Remix OS Player has the disadvantage of only supporting a few versions of AMD Chipsets, and its use requires the activation of “Virtual Technology” in your PC’s BIOS.

Remix OS Player is among the few emulators offering Android 6.0, it presents a good graphical interface, a task bar, its APK store (Remix Central App) offers the ability to download the best games for gaming and applications. Note that it also supports the Google Play Store and it is also a perfect test tool for your applications and games if you are developers.

Download Remix OS Player free


2. MEmu

MEmu is an Android based emulator for Windows based on Android Lollipop offering better performance. Basically, it works with the Jellybean 4.2 version that can be upgraded. MEmu is compatible with Intel, Nvidia and works well with AMD unlike Remix OS Player and other Android emulators.

The Memu emulator automatically supports the APK files available on your Windows PC ie you can open your Android Application from anywhere and it will run in MEmu or even you can grab some APKs from your smartphone or tablet using your USB cable. The emulator is almost complete and offers several interesting features.

download MEmu

3. Nox Player

This tool is based on Android 4.4 KitKat which also offers better performance, Nox Player allows you to choose the number of heart, RAM to allocate for the use of the latter. Also allowing you to choose the type of graphic rendering if you had problem of graphic compatibility with some games, you will have the choice between DirectX or OpenGL. Like other Android emulators it comes with the support of Google Play Store but you can also install others by dragging and dropping APK files to the application.

Note that for better usability the Android version installed in this emulator is rooted. It offers several other features such as the ability to run multiple instances of an application. The only drawback is that it works with an older version of Android.

Download Nox Player


4. BlueStacks

Am sure you were wondering if I had forgotten it or what. BlueStacks is among the pioneers of Android emulators, it is based on Android 4.4 KitKat. It also allows the execution of several instances of APK (Multitasking). There is a free version that works very well too

Download Bluestacks



Still called DuOS, AMIDuOS is another emulator to run Android on a PC developed by American Megatrends, which also requires the activation of virtual technology on your PC and the installation of a version of Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 or higher .

Unlike other Android emulators although surprising AMIDuOS does not come with the Google Play Store preinstalled but it uses the Amazon App Store for APK installation. You can open an Android APK file and it will open directly in AMIDuOS. And you can also have the option to run it in root mode.

The use of AMIDuOS is not totally free unfortunately. There is a free trial version of 30 days and this Android emulator gets wind at $ 15 (Full version that works with Android 5) and $ 10 (the light version or Lite running with Android 4.2 Jellybean)

download AMIduOS



6. LeapDroid

The other powerful Android emulator based on Android 4.4 KitKat, LeapDroid is currently owned by Google which is no longer officially available for download but you can have it by other means



7. Xamerin

A list of the best Android emulators can not be concluded without the presentation of Xamerin this Microsoft tool currently contained in the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio. Allowing the testing and development of mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Other Android Emulators for Windows
There are other Android emulators that work pretty well like Genymotion, AndyOS, KoPlayer and Droid4X that you can also try at will and see what that gives to you. We do not forget the other tools that come with Android Studio for APK developers.

Conclusion and Latest Tips for Running Android Applications on Windows

To run Android APKs on your PC you will need an Android emulator and personally I prefer MEmu and Bluestacks even though there are several other alternatives that I have shown above.

It is recommended to have a PC with a good processor and a RAM equal to or greater than 2GB to use one of these emulators. I hope this long article will help you


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