how to know if someone blocked you on whatsapp

Someone has blocked you on WhatsApp but you are still not sure whether to confirm it because you do not know how to see when you got blocked on WhatsApp. The circumstances may be many that can push your contact to block you because each person has his reasons. This article will give you some WhatsApp tips to help you confirm that you have been blocked by one of your contacts.

One of my contacts had recently blocked me and I had hardly realized it until I also started looking for solutions and tips to know that someone blocked you on WhatsApp and that at the end of my research the results are positive. I was exactly blocked (If you wonder why, know that even I do not know his reasons but it happened and I do not care).

The previous paragraph does not yet provide tips that will allow you to validate that a person will block you on WhatsApp. For this I prefer not to hang out and give you the basics to know: the tricks to know that you are blocked on WhatsApp by Someone.

Check if a person has blocked you on whatsapp

It’s now time to give you the tips I personally use to confirm that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp.

Acknowledgment of receipt

Acknowledgment is a service that you enable for classic email applications, but be aware that the WhatsApp APK lets you know by default when your message was sent, received, and read.

When your message has been sent, without being received, it will only be checked once in gray color, but when it has been received but not yet read, the message will be ticked twice but still gray and when it has been read, it will be checked twice but this time in blue color.

But why tell you all that? Well because when you realize that your messages are always sent without being checked twice. Here it may be the first proof that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp even if you have to go through the other tests below to confirm that you have been blocked.

Verify Profile Photo

With WhatsApp it is possible to define the picture of her profile, it is she who allows your contacts to distinguish you with other contacts who can sometimes have the same names as you (which happen rarely).

If you find that you can no longer see a profile picture of a person while you had access before, already start to ask questions maybe that person has blocked you on WhatsApp but do not validate yet because we have other tests to be done to be completely sure.

Trying to make an audio or video call

This method alone does not confirm that a person has blocked you on WhatsApp and moreover like the others shown in this article, because it may happen that the person you are trying to reach is out of coverage or he has just turned off his data and he is not connected to the internet.

When you find that you are looking to join someone by WhatsApp call and that the call does not go over while you find it easily before, know that this can be among the situations that will allow you to assert after you are actually blocked by someone

Add the Person to a Group

This method allows to be completely sure that you have been blocked by someone on WhatsApp because with the first it can happen that the person does not have internet (no Wifi, mobile data deactivations, etc.).

The first thing to do is to create a group for its tests and try to add the person. If you happen to have a notification telling you that you can not add the person. Now be sure that you are really well and truly blocked by your contact.

My Conclusion To Know Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp

Now if you just tried the tips presented in the article is you are finally sure that the person has actually blocked you on WhatsApp, it’s up to you now to know what you’re going to do with the information you’ve just ‘learn.

One method alone does not confirm that a person has blocked you on WhatsApp but first go to all tests to be able to say with certainty that you have been excluded by one of your contacts.

If you liked the article, please share it to let others know how to detect if they have been blocked by someone on WhatsApp and comment on any other additions. See you soon

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